Silence is Golden – Your Peace will bring in The Golden Age

If thought leads to creation, then why are there so many spiritual teachings coming to light about the benefits of ‘no thought’ – the still and quiet mind – Could it be that we could actually do with ceasing to create for a while? In the way that we have been doing at least? – Much of our creation up until now has been to fuel the economy, strange that no matter how much we create it seems to keep on getting worse – As if we are throwing money into a bottomless pit, whilst simultaneously throwing plastic into various pits on Earth – The only difference being that these pits fill up

So, could it be that the time for mass production and consumption simply to fuel our failing economy has come to an end? – Clearly yes it has – But what do we do now?? We take our time to figure that out and the best way to do that is to quieten the mind – and allow something new to enter in

Part of the trap that keeps us held to the old way is the busy mind, just trying to keep up with it all, no space allowed for anything else – ‘Come to peace? No way, not in this time of such stress and pressure!’ – and yet that is exactly what we must do – Sit quietly, be still, allow yourself the space and time to do so – Download a simple mediation from the internet, or better still go to a class – Read Ekhart Tolles, The Power of Now – he talks a lot about overcoming the noisy mind that just wont shut up

We are in training, and a part of that is to train our mind to be more peaceful – So this will not happen over night, it is training after all, it will take some time and effort – But the effort it takes to quieten The 3D mind is absolutely worth it once The 5D mind has the chance to speak to you – Because what it has to say is worth its weight in gold – Literally, The Golden Age of Man once more and how to create that not only in your own life, but across the entire globe!

“Meditation” CC image courtesy of Moyan Brenn on Flickr


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