The New Feminine = Sensitivity + Strength!!

One of the greatest difficulties facing the sensitive soul is how to be when another is being, well an asshole for want of a better word – Being sensitive, we are far more likely to take on the negative projection – Being self reflective, we wonder what we did wrong – Not wishing to upset, we attempt to allay the other accusations – But this changed in me the other day – Yes, I may be sensitive, but if necessary I can also be quite a bitch (I have now realised!) – Why have I denied this in myself? Because we think, ‘Oh no, I must be kind and loving’ – Well, maybe there are times when being a bitch is actually of the most benefit, for all involved

I have had a couple of experiences now in which someone has been rude to me and I’ve basically told them where to go – What stood out about these two cases was that the person said ‘thank you’ repeatedly – Obviously they were being sarcastic, but it made me think – Maybe the nice polite, softly softly approach isn’t always the best for people – There was a time when I would have apologized at the accusations that I was the one being rude, feeling bad about myself and allowing the other to feel good – but those times are over – Maybe it is not only beneficial for myself to be a bit tougher at times, but for the other too – Maybe I am actually doing them a favor with my abrupt response – It’s an exercise in energy preservation, if I had felt bad I would have energized the other, and I am not here to do that, not any more – If someone thinks that going around accusing others of the rudeness that is in-fact their own is okay, then I am doing them no favor by accepting it as my own – If on the other hand I throw it back to them maybe they will stop and think next time, that not everyone is going to take their shit and some will even throw it straight back in their faces

I know it was my vibration attracting these experiences – But, I am only human and what’s more, I am a human attempting to affect change here, which is inevitably going to piss someone off somewhere – If I am here to please everyone, then I may as well just go into hiding

I have noticed this change happening within friends of mine too – One in particular couldn’t be more of a sweetheart, an earth angel if ever I met one – So precious and yet she seems to be a magnet for assholes – Why is that? – Is it because she is so super sweet that she does not like to see the bad, to say anything that might upset – So she is seen as an easy target for the asshole to get away with his assholey ways – I was just chatting to her this morning and it seems something has changed in her, like the change I see in myself – She said she actually growled at a man the other day! – and he ran a mile! – He came over and invaded her personal space, without any invitation to do so at all – Her immediate response was completely unconscious and yet incredibly powerful – it got rid of him straight away

We are growing strong – The new female will tell this type of being to fuck off if they try to play these games with her – Trying to make her feel bad will only serve to make themselves feel bad – We are not here to pander to the fragile male ego any longer – We are here to be by the side of the strong and gentile man, or woman! – Who allows us to be who we are in all our glory and all our power

“Misty at North Avalon Beach” CC Image Courtesy of Sasha Fernandez on Flicker


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