Making Decisions in Alignment with Our Higher Self

We have a window, a split second of guidance – Each and every action we choose to take is ‘pre-run’ with guidance, should we choose to listen to it – All to often we are going at such a pace, we just wish to ‘get on with things’ – Whatever the first choice that pops into our heads, we go with – Because this comes from us right? So we trust this and go with it – But what if it comes from our 3D self, how do we begin to listen to our 5D self? – by taking a moment to tune into it

Humanities 3D self has been marching along in life, ‘Yes that sounds good enough, fine’ – It is when we stop for a moment, before marching on, and listen to what those oh-so-subtle feelings are saying – Maybe we wanted to say something to someone – its on my mind, so I’ll tell them – Maybe we went ahead with a decision – it seemed right at the time, so I went for it – and yet somehow these things didn’t work out as we had hoped – When we stop and pause for a moment before we act, we gain a much broader insight into what the results of our actions may be

Not everything that comes into our heads should be acted upon in the first way that comes to us – When we allow this space, something of a higher nature has more of a chance to communicate with us – Maybe it has something to say that we had not thought of – an insight into possible reactions, results –  Maybe what we thought should be said to another is in fact a message for ourselves – Maybe what we thought was the best option for ourselves, is in fact going to cause great difficulties

One of the easiest ways to open up to our higher self is to slow down, take our time – Listen to those quite feelings, even if it is for just a moment, it could save us a lot of time and trouble in the future

This is something I am currently working on myself – I wonder sometimes just how many more times I will ‘get that feeling’ and go ahead with what I am about to do anyway – SO many times – It amazes me how long moving into new habits can take – and yet at the same time I see just how very different I am from the person I was 10 years ago – Someone asked me then if I was spiritual, I didn’t even know how to answer! – He, funnily enough, was a BIG message from my intuition that I chose to ignore – I even told him ‘You are going to really hurt me’ within hours of meeting him – I was right of course, even although he managed to persuade me otherwise at the time – These people we meet and the lessons they bring us – That was such a loud and clear message for me, that I chose not to listen to at the time – Now, even the quietest whisper I am able to hear, maybe not follow every time, but hopefully that is set to change – If I want life to go easier on me, then I must work to listen up to what it is telling, otherwise I have no one to blame but myself!

“Day 267 Live High” CC image courtesy of Nataliej on Flickr


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