Coming out the other side! – Stages of Awakening

Many awakenings begin with the – ‘I don’t like myself, I am a bad person’ stage – Errr, how much I hated this part – I’m not sure that everyone has to go through this, but if you find yourself here please try to bare in mind that is it just a stage of awakening – We have to dislike parts of ourselves or we would never let them go, especially if they are things we liked, prided ourselves in – Oh it can be so horrible, like a deep cleanse of the psyche, dredging up all the crap and sitting us square in the middle of it all – Working on ourselves, a bit more work, then some more work – will this ever end!!! – Yes, it will, and what’s more we come out the other end a whole new and shiny version of ourselves

When you come out the ‘other side’ as it were – it will take a little time to adjust to and accept that everything is okay – After such a period of everything not being okay, this is understandable – We are still on guard for a while after, waiting for the next bombshell! – When it doesn’t come, or are less and less with more time in between – we begin to relax into this new way of being

It may take some getting used to, living at a slower, more peaceful pace – There is less drama, if we have been living with a lot of drama previously we may find things a bit boring at first – Simplicity and acceptance may find us in environments that are not as ‘perfect’ as we may have expected them to be previously – Openness and honesty may find us in the company of people we never expected to find ourselves with previously – Having new experiences, not all of them will be readily accepted at first – They will be different from what we have been used to, we must allow ourselves time to adjust, to try not to reject in the first instance

In the end it can almost feel as if you come full circle – Part of our awakening can see us moving away from people, feeling very much on the outside, different views, unable to fit in very well – Once we have passed this stage it seems as if we re-join, often at an even closer level than before – Getting along, having nice conversations, all seems ‘back to normal’ only the change has still occurred, it has taken place at a very deep level, we have simply come to the point at which we are able to intergrade this at such levels we feel ‘normal’ again – and it is so lovely when we are able to do this again!

“Aos Teus Pes” CC image courtesy of jeronimo sans on Flikr


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