It´s Alright, to not be Alright

It is very very easy to mistake feeling bad with making a mistake in life – It is very very easy to look at others who seem much better adjusted to things in general as making the correct choices in life – But this may not necessarily be the case

If you have come here, to help affect this change, whether you are consciously aware of it or not – there will be times when you feel like crap – Times when you look on at others and think, oh shitting hell, why can’t I just be more normal like them!

And the answer is becuase you are not – normal, well adjusted, just getting on with things as they are – You are different, not well adjusted, unable to just get on with things as they are – You want change, you see it as necessary, as more important than maybe everything else – and this, at times, feels utterly horrible!

But, it of course does not mean that you have done anything wrong – not all all – The ones who feel the least comfortable here are the ones who want this change to happen the most – There are many ways to help us feel more comfort here, spiritual practice being the greatest – But, at the end of the day, it is this feeling that is driving this force of change  – Simply becuase you are sensitive enough to feel it is by no means a negative thing, even if it feels very much so at times

You are a blessing, even when you are sat in a great lump of dispair – You are a force of magnificent change, even when you feel flat as a pancake – You are a missionary, come to help earth and humanity through this most miraculios transformational process, even when all you long to be is simply alright – You are alright, you are better than alright – you are truly wonderful!

“Kirsty Dankova” CC image Courtesy of lauren rushing on Flickr


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