6 Steps that will Instantly Increase your Creative Potency

1. Begin with faith that all will result in great beauty – 

This is the most important part – Such an influx of creative potential is pouring into our realities right now, with our current shift in consciousness – We can get on board with this rich flow of creation when we have faith in our ability to do so

2. See yourself as a channel of creative force – 

This removes the blocks that tell us our level of creativity – The ‘self’ is illusory, many of us have heard this lots of times and yet we are still affected by the subtleties that tell us what we are capable of

It’s as if we’re puppets, our actions being guided by a greater force – Even if you start to think WTF am I doing with this?!? – Keep going, holding faith that maybe we don’t consciously know what’s best, allowing the creation to unfold through ourselves in this way

3. Put the mind into the background – 

Thought blocks higher creativity from coming through – We attempt to analyse the situation, work it out, which certainly works at a certain level! – But to open up to a higher level of creation, it is actually better to hold a calm and quiet mind throughout – To be in the moment is to be in alignment with our higher selves

4. Let go of the end result – 

Work in stages, focusing on the one in hand at all times – There is no need to know the end result until the end –  If we’ve already decided this then we’ve already closed down the expansive flow of creation that is available

This one is an absolute beauty to put into practice! – It literally allows our creations to open up and expand as they go, evolving out into something even more beautiful that we ourselves could have imagined

5. Stretch the limits – 

I love to transform things, be it a flat I’m renting, an old granny dress, the contents of my fridge – It’s one of my favorite things to do and often the bigger the challenge the better – To look at something and think “God, that looks bloody awful, like nothing, it’s a mission impossible!” – Then to get to work on it and take it to the other end of the scale, is not only incredibly satisfying, it also produces some of the best things! – and whats more this is an ability that WE ALL have within, should we allow ourselves to create in this way

6. Take your time, have fun, enjoy the process – 

Of all my creations, the ones I have fucked up the most, were the ones I rushed and did not enjoy doing – I was thinking ‘Ooh, I should be getting on with something else, something more important’ – I will never do that again, because there is nothing more important than to allow our creative flow to, well, flow! – In whatever way that happens to be – We can ‘stretch and make’ time, simply by ‘allowing’ ourselves to be creative, give ourselves those moments, or hours, or even days – to just fiddle about, work on, change, transform, expand – Seeing this as our God given birthright to do so!

“The Flow of Things” CC image courtesy of Ken on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/fractal_ken/


One thought on “6 Steps that will Instantly Increase your Creative Potency”

  1. You are so right. I have over these last few months, found myself creatively failing. Completest stumped and bloody frustrated!
    However, two nights ago whilst I was practising self healing through Reiki, I asked for guidance. what I got was this; Make something because it is beautiful and think ahead no further.
    I have always wanted to make jewellery and be able to make a small living from it. So I have been going about it all wrong. I have been trying to make what I think will sell. Instead I should be creating because I love to, and take my time and enjoy each piece. And I should definitely stop thinking, I decided this in a past post 🙂

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