Barriers to be broken through in becoming our full 5D selves

The 3D version of the self – 

The life you see before you – Does it speak to you of the most magnificent version that you see to be possible? – If so, then bloody well done!!! – If not, then working to overcome limitations will lead to this – It is amazing how many limitations get put ‘into’ us during our lifetime here – Something said here, something felt there, we form what we think is avaliable to us in this way – Getting over this takes time and effort, working to overcome and heal and eventually expand – Bit by bit welcoming in firstly the beliefs, then of course the physical experience of the biggest bestest most abundnalty wonderous version of the self that is avaliable to all of us at this time of great transformation

What other people think – 

This one is so important and surprisingly feirce – The more we grow, the less many others will want us to – Think that sounds over dramatic? Well, I am only going on my observations, plus my own exprience – I see, over and over and over again, those who have gone to the great effort of transfoming themselves, recieving some of the most shit from others – Why? – Firstly, because light brings out dark projections from others, almost as if it ‘draws it out of them’ – Which is a good thing, it’s out in the open where it can then be worked on – And secondly, becuse lots of people like to think that they know best and the easiest way to maintain this, is to put others down who are sharing this message – The 3D self is coming to the surface to be recognised and understood – In order to move on from this we absolutley must become all that we are at this time of great transition, stand firm in that, even when being attacked – Try, as much as we can to not take it personally – and in time, as our strength grows, to (hopefully) be less and less affected by this phenomena 

The safe and successful template of life – 

There are so many difficulties when stepping out of this – Firstly the torrent of ‘Oh we worry for you!’, not to mention our own feelings of failure, overcoming the voice of fear that says ‘What the fuck are you doing!!’ Feeling okay to not be earning so much, owning so much – Getting over other people views of living like this – (See above section!) – Moving our attention beyond the physical realm, learning to opperate in a different way that involves cultivating faith, in ourselves as well as others – Practicing the art of patience, not expecting things to happen immediately, have an instant tangible return – Basing ourselves from within and moving with grace and confidance in this new way, even if at times you feel anything but – A new way is arising, that you could say is even more safe, even more successful than what has been – But it takes bravery and strength to move into, both of which you have within you, now more so that ever at this time of great transformation

Fear, fear, fear and a bit more fear – 

Blimey, it takes a while and a lot of perseverance to get over that bad boy – But, we do get the in the end, I promise – This one is the easiest to understand in being a barrier – and we’d do well to view it in that way, as something we move though and most importantly, come out the other side – Seeing it as a stage to overcome, that it does end, that we do move into something new once we have passed it – But it will take effort – Mastery of the mind is no mean feat and neither should it be, becuase the results are so worth it, so grand, we do have to earn them – So try not to feel as if you are doing anything wrong during this phase, even if it does seem that its become worse somehow – Its gotta get worse before it gets better – and know that you will make it at this time of great transformation!

“Euphoria” CC image courtesy of Hartwig HKD


3 thoughts on “Barriers to be broken through in becoming our full 5D selves”

  1. I love this. Its almost as if you have written it for me personally. A good friend of mine, Caroline Farmer, guided me to your blog and I’m so very glad that she did. 🙂

    1. I´m so glad you love it! Caroline said she´d passed my blog on to a friend. I´ve been reading your blog too, about caring for our little ones, or not so little now in your case! I met Caroline because of my daughter, she ran into her room in Cambodia. Then Caroline followed us to Thailand. Very special times….

      1. She speaks very fondly of you, and of your writing. Your little girl clearly ran into her room for a reason 🙂
        thank you for reading my blog also, I am however in the process of starting it all again, as im not happy with it.
        I look forward to reading more of your wonderful words x

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