Choosing this present incarnation, here on earth, at this time of great change

We chose our coordinate, where and when, before we incarnated – Why not choose this special time upon this beautiful planet? – It was only when we arrived, popped out, and then thought – Oh – Fuck – What did I sign up for again? – Its difficult to be upon earth at this time – We are in the time of great confusion, everything is inverted – We are on one of the most dense planets, with the most dualistic nature – Going through an immense shift in our level of conscious awareness – Nice!

I dont wish to sound negative with all of that and to be honest, I dont think I am being – Because there is one main part to all of that, which overrides all of the others – Our current shift in consciousness – To be here, at this time is a blessing and an honor – Even if at times it feel like a shit and a nightmare

Maybe we could think of it like taking a huge intergalactic test of all tests – If, or rather when we pass this, we will most certianly be reaping the rewards – But no one likes the test part of anything and yet it is necessary – We have to pass a certian stage in order to be able to obtain the next stage – No employer would give great responsibility and benefits to someone who has not proven themselves capable and worthy – and the same goes for life

The harder the test, the greater the outcome – and we chose this, all of us, even the ones who seem like they couldnt be any less aware, a part of their consciousness is well aware of exactly what is happening upon earth at this time – and even if they appear to be in complete opposition to our evolution, they are still doing their part, in their own way – and all of this, all of the tests we are presently expriencing, was all decided long before we ever entred into this realm


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