An Understanding to Make Things a Little Easier

There is a bit of a battle going on, on earth – This is largely experienced as our own personal ‘battle’ to bring ourselves into greater alignment – What are our weapons? Well, they couldn’t be more opposite than weapons – Actions that lead to peace, helping and benefitting, meditation and yoga, working to completely heal and accept the self, as well as others

This can feel like a battle at times, there will be sacrifices made, pain, successes and failures – It’s a bit of a battle just to simply feel alright at this time, there is SO much happening upon this planet right now, not to mention within ourselves – But it is all of this that is bringing us into greater alignment with the next level of ourselves – It is all worth it, I promise

If there is one thing we can do to make this whole process a little easier – it would be to take it easy on ourselves, as hard as that my be during this process of awakening – We have all incarnated into very special, but also very challenging times – It is when we do not see this that we take the difficulties personally

No, its not on the TV saying, yes this battle of light and dark, this tremendous shift in consciousness, this birthing of a new dimension upon planet earth – TV is a good bit of escapism that’s for sure, but informative, not so much – So it’s difficult for us to see what is really happening, until we put in the effort – The multitude of books out there now, the gift of the internet and its plethora of websites containing information about our present situation – Putting in the effort implement these changes into our lives, to really understand the whys what’s and how’s of it all – and then you will se for yourself, the fruits of this most difficult labor!

“Growth – Thank you!” CC image Courtesy of Susana Fernandez on


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