Thank God for the ones who say – make sure you look after yourself as well!

Sometimes it all gets a bit too much, just what is going on in parts of this world we are all on – We may very well be tempted into channeling every single drop of ourselves towards trying to help relieve this – but I’m not sure that’s the best way – If it weren’t for those bright souls who have said – your vibration is as important as anything else here – Otherwise I’d probably be sat here, permanently at my laptop, stinking of BO in a pool of my own wee

We want to help bring this new way in – and so we must become a creation of that which is arising – and that means taking precious time for yourself, as I am going to do today

So what has arisen from my day of ‘me’ – I made myself a pretty bloody stunning dress – I treated myself to a spot of deodorant! – I feel better about myself – I got bought lots of amazing vegan food from my father in law

I am guilty of spending too much time at the laptop, working – My husband thinks I’m over complicating life, which I am, but I just want to find out as much about ‘the solution’ to our current situation as possible – and then express that out to people in the best way I know how

But I’m not going to be so good at that if I am neglecting myself in the process – I LOVE being creative, especially making dresses – We can fall into the trap of thinking it is vain to be like this – Get the beige yoga pants out and be grateful for even owning a pair! – We are, as well as helping bring the planet into its next incarnation, here to do the same with ourselves – and lets face it, no body really likes a skiddy old pair of yoga pants now do they – It is time to be the Gods and Godesses that we really are, in all our magically beautiful ways…..

“332/365” CC image Courtesy of Send me adrift. on Flickr


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