The Blue Moon – Blimey!!!!

THAT was a biggy, what a shift! – I actually felt like I was shitting a monster out of my mouth – Unfortunately, for my husband, he was on the receiving end of this – I just said to him that I feel a bit better today, so his balls can rest a little easier (Although they’ve already had a little beating this morning!) He said thank you! – Bless him, thank God for my Ying to my Yang, he is a super chilled soul

I’ve had this feeling like I wanted to wretch something out – Aches in my body as if some deep down dull heavy energy has been released – I’ve been stretching and downing as much water as I can to clear it out

I LOVE the moon – I look at her like a very close friend who has brought me so many blessings – I ALWAYS manifest when she is full, connect to her, trust her – Communicate what I wish for and release it immediately – I have so much faith in her, its difficult not to when I see how willing and able she is to bring forth all of these things – The very next day I am already different, the ‘next me’, who sits up straight, has confidence in being all she really is, able to share that with love and not fear – To be the fullest expression of the me that is available right now

I feel strong to express myself in loving ways, to not put up with things that are not in alignment with the highest choice, for myself and my family – This is my New Moon Resolution, to express and release with love – Rather than swallow and accept with fear – When we do this it comes out sooner or later and its not so pretty after its been ‘wallowing within’ for some time

So, what can I say, other than THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MOON!!!!! With all my heart to the every essence of my being – I love you so very much

“Once in a blue moon” CC image Courtesy of Aftab Uzzaman on Flickr


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