The ‘tick-a-dee-boo’ Guru – may only be telling half the story

Great learning arises from great suffering, and that is just the way it works – We can learn to balance this out, dramatically – We can put in the effort to learn before the suffering arises, absolutely – But for most people who have come to a place of great knowledge and wisdom, it came through the experience of suffering

I see a bit of this ‘everything is amazing in my life’ so listen to what I have to say! – This is fantastic and incredibly beneficial and inspiring, true – But there does seem to be a ‘part missing’ – We may think, well I only want to listen to someone about feeling good who feels good all the time – So many people who have come to voice this change hide the darker side of themselves – I know, because I tried to do this and it doesn’t work, I felt like I was a massive fake – I leant that it is okay to want to bring in more positivity, whilst feeling negative as fuck at times

A friend has been very inspiring for me to realise this – I see her life on Facebook and it is incredibly inspiring – She is by far the most free individual I know, travelling the earth, earning enough as she goes making jewellery – She bid farewell to money and material possessions and she lives in the most stunning nature earth has to offer – She is having quite an experience, but it is also hard work at times!!!! – The difficulties are ‘overcoming the boundaries’ within the self, the fears, breaking through into a new way requires quite a deep cleanse at this time – The effort she puts in here is having fabulous results, even when it couldn’t feel any more opposite at times – She does share a balanced view of this and I am incredibly grateful to her for this –  But even for those who don’t, it is always worth remembering – We are all the same in this way of experiencing difficulties at this time of great transition

Some of the greatest pioneers of this movement are the ones who are most troubled here – Think that makes them unqualified? Of course not, it makes them highly qualified – To ‘go through and experience’ to ‘learn and understand’ how it is, so that they may shine light on it for the next people to make this journey

“Immy” CC image Courtesy of Steve Gray on Flickr


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