5 Steps to Freedom that Actually Work

  1. Thinking about the whole of earth

When we spend more time thinking about earth and all of the life forms upon her we find our reality naturally opens up to new areas – When we think of only our own needs we keep our reality small and tight – It’s as if we are expanding our consciousness from the individual level to the planetary level

  1. Know your rights

and I’m not talking about any legal system here, I’m talking about your God given birthright as a human being to live a life of great beauty and freedom – We block a lot of what is available to us by not ‘allowing ourselves to’ – When you see it as your right to be free you open up to the opportunities and experiences of freedom, simply by accepting them in

  1. It’s more than okay to step out of the box

In-fact, this is may be one of the most beneficial actions we can take right now – for the whole of earth – because what we step into is the next level of consciousness – your doing this is an inspiration to others to do the same

  1. Understand where the boundaries are

In our minds – When we are motivated by fear – ‘I must do this or that will happen’ – we shrink things down – When we are motivated by faith, or love as another way of putting it – we expand out into the vastness that can only come when fear leaves

  1. Say a fond farewell to fear

We may have heard many times that fear is not real – well that could be because it’s true – Fear is a response, cultivated from our past, experienced in the present and projected into our future – We can say a fond farewell to fear when we understand where it is coming from – Fearful thoughts come to us, not from us – Thought is a seed of creation, if we choose to germinate it with our focus it will grow – If however we choose at this point to move our focus on from the thought, we will find it withers and dies

“Freedom … !” CC image Courtesy of Kalyan Chakravarthy on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/kalyan02/


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