This journey of awakening can have us ‘pinging’ all over the place

Corporations and government are bad, oh but what you believe you create! – Overcome the ego, but remember that you would even exist without it! – Take on the reality of what is happening upon your planet, but be sure to keep yourself nice and in balance! – Phew, if you feel like you’re in a pinball machine at times, it’s easy to understand why – we are getting taken all over the place at this time of awakening

I wonder if that is how part of the movement works, we have to ‘break through’ this dark layer and then come out the other side into an even lighter layer than we were in before – I see many people, including myself for a while, getting ‘stuck’ at this dark layer, seeing this as the final understanding, viewing others who do not see the world in this way as fools – and of course what we put out there comes right back to us, it does seem to be a bit of a fools game to become so over focused at the greed corruption and manipulation that has been upon this planet – So to those who find themselves here, maybe its time to take that next great stride – and begin to focus upon what is happening that is going to replace that way of being – What changes are taking place within those in power, just how many people are now talking of this new way arising, what it involves, what measures are being taken – and we put our focus, there for our creative energy in this direction

It is hard I know, to not ‘get sucked into’ all of the horrors that are arising at this time, but I have found the less I do this the more positivity is able to enter into my awareness – I have gone from someone feeling quite alone in my belief that we are going through a shit in consciousness, overwhelmed at ‘the task ahead’ just the level of transformation that is necessary – To someone who can’t quite believe her eyes at the amount of people who are now working towards this planetary change, just how strong and affective this already is – How my belief has gone from something rather weak and easily shaken, into something that is strong and easily held – I have no doubt what-so-ever that this change is now well on its way and gaining momentum as it grows – THIS IS HAPPENING – we are evolving at this time – BIG TIME – and we help this along its way, when we see it in this way

“Extra Ball” CC image Courtesy of Shawn Clover on Flickr


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