Acceptance + Helping = Peace

I have come to the stage now, in which I find I am more at peace when I am sitting writing, working at bringing in this new way, than when I am not – I am most calm, most in alignment, most comfortable when I am sat here at my desk – This was not always the case though – I actually remember giving my laptop a ‘back hander’ one day – Whilst saying something like – This fucking work, what am I doing all of this for anyway?!?!

That was a few years ago – when I was still largely on the ‘unknown’ path, with regards to all of this work – This stage where we feel the urge to move in a certain direction, but we have no idea what that really means – mainly for ourselves – Usually we enter into something already understanding what the ‘return’ will be, the result – Why would we go into something, for many years, without really having a clue in this way? – Because to not do anything at this time is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable to live with – and that is exactly why I often yearn to be sitting here doing this, as much of me as this takes, it can be all consuming at times, I will hand all of myself over – Because this is the only way I can feel any sort of peace at this time

Part of me thinks – ‘No rest for the wicked!’ – or that I have some whopping karmic debt to pay off – It is not bad to see ourselves in this way – That the darkness within, or from past lives, is what is fuelling our desire to help at this time – We have all played characters at every level of the scale – Maybe the ‘lightworkers’ were some of the most prolific ‘darkworkers’ – Maybe the ‘darkworkers’ now are the ones bringing in the most light – with our need to move away from them, they fuel our journey into this new way dramatically – So, things are not as black and white as they may seem – and this is a very good understanding to take on if we wish to move into unity at this time

“Help!” CC image Courtesy of GotCredit on Flickr


2 thoughts on “Acceptance + Helping = Peace”

  1. Loving your posts- I hope you have a good following… You speak such beautiful truth. X I’d still love to know who follows you in New Zealand! 😉

    1. Thank you! But I have a crap following. I need to get promoting, which I am doing now. Plus all of the blog posts will go into a book after each year, so they will get read, mark my words!!! Ha!! x x x

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