When it feels Horrible, it feels HORRIBLE!!

So many things happening right now – magnification, expansion into both the light and dark sides, clearings of anything of an ‘old’ vibration, movements towards something new that asks for self reflection – Eeewwwww!!!!

I have read may times that one of the symptoms of this awakening is depression and I am seeing that many people are suffering from this, including myself! – All I can say, to shine the ray of hope, is that once we ‘pass a certain stage’ it does seem to happen less often and for less time – I’m in ‘one’ right now, I feel flat, heavy, uncertain, self critical, ungrateful (Although I am trying!!) Just shit – So I thought back to the last time I felt like this – and it was about a year ago – That, to me, is good – It means they are happening much less frequently and I feel much more able to ‘see it for what it is’ a symptom of awakening, a feeling that will drive me to transform even more, the poo time that is the other side of the great time

I also try to remember that everything seems to be magnifying, getting stronger, having a bigger impact – and the same goes for our emotions, the way we feel, how we respond and interact to our realities – Its as if the power of our hearts and our minds is profoundly more creative, in any direction we allow these to go in – Fear, love, a lack of appreciation, full of gratitude, self love, self loathing – Whatever it is we are doing is coming back to us in very apparent ways! – I need to be more careful, I know well enough by now the impact the ‘non physical’ has upon the physical, and yet there are times we will still forget – and pay the price!


“Water down the drain” CC image Courtesy of David Blackwell. on Flickr



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