Hello fellow Earth bound travellers! – Are you enjoying the show here?

It’s a bit of a tragedy at the moment isn’t it? Although there is also much joy to experience true, there is also so much sadness – Maybe that is what makes the best drama – Is this what we came to Earth for? For this, the dramatic climax of our awakening? The big question is, will it have a happy ending? – As another great twist to this show presents itself, that part is up to us – we are the ones who create how this all turns out

I don’t mind a sad ending sometimes, I really don’t – Some things are meant not to work out – we learn and grow from this – But the type of sad endings I struggle with are when there is un-necessary suffering and loss – that I do not like – I understand that likes/dislikes, personal preferences, etc should be over come in spiritual practice – Acceptance of all is what leads to peace – great – But I can’t accept what I believe is presently happening upon earth – even if this causes me a great deal of upset at times – I’ll accept that – and I will forgo my own peace for this at times – because this awful feeling drives me towards wanting to do something about it – to help create the happy ending I know we are capable of

It is as if we are the projector machines of this film we are watching – reality is projected though ourselves onto the fabric of creation all around us – The picture projected is whatever we are holding in our minds and hearts – This is the part we can work on – and this is the part that will enable the happy ending so many of us are working towards

“What I Want” CC image Courtesy of Mike Bitzenhofer on Flickr



2 thoughts on “Hello fellow Earth bound travellers! – Are you enjoying the show here?”

  1. So what negative are you holding in your heart or mind prue to see such negative reflected in the world around you? 😉 x

    1. I think its that so much is coming to light, so many people now saying similar things about the levels of exploitation and greed – and the damage and suffering this is causing, its difficult not to get ‘sucked into it’ – I’m gradually easing myself away from this way of being as time goes on – and your comment is the third sign this week that its time to move on! – So thank you for that x

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