Welcome in our Awakening – By Allowing Everyone their 5D Selves

I have in the past done things that even shock myself and I’m not so easy to shock! – How can a person who is ‘that’ also be ‘this’? – Because we are opening up – If we limit ourselves into only ‘that’ believing that we connot move into something new at this time, then we will be loosing a whole new side of ourselves

Just because we may have done something, been someone in our past, or even in our present reality – does not mean that we cannot be someone, or do something at completely the other end of the scale

We must allow ourselves to expand beyond this, into all aspects of ourselves by not limiting ourselves though judgment – Often those who achieve great things, have also done ‘awful’ things – The power of shame and regret like rocket fuel, can transform a being in next to no time – Maybe it is this ‘awful’ side is that allows people to keep their feet on the ground – Achieving great things, whilst knowing the whole picture helps to maintain balance

What if we took this understanding out into an even greater scale – to those who have committed great atrocities upon earth – What would happen if they moved to the other end of the scale? – To an even wider aspect than even we are able to reach – Would we allow them to do that by lifting our judgment of them, that keeps them trapped at one end? – The side that is destructive, abusive and devoid of heart – Would we allow them to ‘overtake’ us and move beyond our level at the ‘positive’ side of the scale – What a humble and beneficial action that would be – allowing transformations of such magnitude – for those who are seemingly against our conscious evolution, to move into becoming those who are some of the most active in creating our conscious evolution

For is it not often the case – that when the abuser truly awakens to their actions – they wish to shift into a beneficial role, as dutiful payment, to heal the wounds they have created? – We can allow them to do this, when we see this in them – The spark of light that is in every living being here – Focusing on it, believing in it, allowing them to change – encouraging this with our belief in them and our love for them – Because if this planet and our race needs healing – this is exactly where it needs it most

“Welcome” CC image Courtesy of Ramesh N G on Flickr



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