Solution Focus – The Most Powerful Technique to Bring in The New

Possibly the greatest leaning of our time is – What we focus upon, we create – This is the ‘kick up the ass’ to steer us away from fears, worries, negative forecasts for the future – and really find our place of creative power – by living in faith, peace and an absolute knowing that this magnificent transformation is taking place – A solution focussed way of being, that cannot help but draw this into our own realities, for our experience of the heavenly realms once again

Listing all of the modes of fear and manipulation now seems a bit ‘out dated’ and patronising  – I no longer see these as bad/something to fight against – To be honest I don’t think about it very much at all these days – in the past, yes, a lot! – But that stage has now passed as my awareness of the process of creation has arisen – and the benefits of a solution focussed way of being

What does it involve?

The ability to see into the deeper truth – our intuition is getting strong and we are following this no matter what we are presented with on the physical level

Self empowerment – To break free of the old structures and follow our own will, enabling us to do what is right at this time of great transition

The creation of peace – Through our individual empowerment we will find that we are able to influence others towards a more unified and ultimately peaceful way of being

Freedom – We have more range than ever, once we break ourselves free from the limitations we thought life had set out for us – Freedom in our actions, our movements, our voices and most of all, a life that is free to do what is right for ourselves

Safety – The 5D has brought with it the deeper understanding of creation – That it goes through the heart, then the mind, then is acted out on the physical – When we feel safe in our hearts, knowing that we are deeply cared for by the greater forces – we are able to overcome the fears in our minds, until we find ourselves living a life in which we feel safe

Unity – There was a time when we were nearly all fighting each other, tribal territories were smaller and we were literally fighting with our neighbors – As we unified into countries we still found territorial battles – Now as we are unifying at the planetary level – we will, at last, see this coming to an end too

“What you focus on expands. Focus on the positive” CC image Courtesy of BK on Flickr


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