When we seek to understand others – others seek to understand us

We would all greatly benefit from speaking the same language – not words necessarily, but a collective way of being that understands each other – In order to do this we must begin to ‘listen’ to observe, how the other is communicating in their way of being – It is very easy to completely switch off when another is speaking a different language from ourselves, we don’t even try – and yet so much is being said, if we choose to really look

Even as another is practicing a new language, we may not want to put the effort in to working out what it is they are saying – Its not so easy, there are uncomfortable moments, we’d rather speak to someone we can have a ‘proper’ conversation with, someone the same as us – But this is where we need to put the effort in, all of us – To start taking the time to understand other perspectives upon this planet – Not necessarily the perspective we are offered on the daily news, but the one we feel as we tune into the other

Maybe its time to ask why they are being like that? If their life seems to be very problematic, maybe they feel they have no other option than to express themselves in the way they are doing so – When we really look into why so many people lives are so problematic on earth presently, it is no wonder there is so much anger – Often the darkest behaviors are the biggest call for help

So, how can we help? – We can begin to communicate with these souls for a start – Not with words, in the physical realm – but with our hearts, in the emotional realm – The realm that is greatly expanded, all knowing, sees the full picture of interconnectedness – We can love these souls – On ‘our own’ sat in our bedroom, in creative visualization, sending our love – Seeing this transformative energy touching their soul, igniting something new within them – Something that says they are loved, the world is kind, we can change – and then allowing them to make their way into this new way of being with our faith in their ability to do so

“Clipped Together” CC image Courtesy of Bratboy76 on Flickr



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