Manifesting Tips

Manifesting energies/feelings – rather than material

i,e, peace, safety, joy – Rather than, say a new car – If, of course a new car is part of feeling safe/at peace, great – But manifesting in this way is more ‘all encompassing’ it can transform the material world in ways we may not have though of – Ways that are more simple, that give exactly what is needed and no more – Ways that do indeed lead to joy!


That means allow it to come into your life – Buy it, receive it, see yourself living a life that can have what it likes – Try not to taint this with negativity that so often easily happens – It is okay to have beautiful things in our lives, we are creative beings and this is part of how we do this

Manifesting something that benefits others

If you do this naturally anyway, you may have already understood how this works from your own experience – Being motivated by a wish to bestow others is by far the most empowering way to receive a life of fantastic abundance – It may well not be ‘owned’ by you, but it will be experienced and enjoyed by you, possibly even more so!

It’s NOT about money

I do find money a wee bit limiting, I have to say – like it holds us in place to a certain degree – Even if we have lots, we still tend to worry about it – So, many years ago I started dealing directly with my reality, rather than going through the ‘money middle man’ – I give, I receive – simple as that

Expand the parameters

Of what we have thought is available to us – We are opening up, things are on the change – and what better way to welcome this in, than to create it on earth, than to open up and receive – BIG TIME! – What is your vision of the heavenly life? Anything that fits into that, accept it, have it, make it happen – and step by step, the more you receive, the more will be offered – and you will see your life expanding into something beautiful – Horay!

“Stunning View of Starburst Galaxy (NASA, Chandra 04/24/06) [EXPLORED]” CC image Courtesy of NASA Marshal Space Flight Centre on Flickr


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