The Bad News

I just watched the news – Jeeeeeeeeze……. people being shot on the beach, volcano’s erupting, protests, debt crisis – It looks like the world has gone a bit bloody mental – and that is exactly why I do not watch the news anymore, because I don’t find it beneficial AT ALL to have each and every worldly horror presented to me as if it is a perfect representation of the planet I am living on – Because it isn’t, not at all – It is a magnification of all of the worst bits

But we like to know what is happening, be informed, get our understanding of what’s going down – But what we believe, we create – our mind holds the picture of reality and we project it out into the fabric of creation, where it becomes real, solid, is experienced – Which is why it is INCREDIBLY important to find our own understanding of what is happening – and not derive this from the news, necessarily

The media is controlled, I think we all know that by now – Very few pull the strings, so why are we offered this representation? Because its what the people like? We don’t like good news apparently – Well thank you for making that choice for us, but I, for one, actually prefer a slightly better balance between the two – I’m sorry, but I do – I’m not all pink and fluffy only-see-the-positive, no – But I see a hell of a lot more light on this planet than my news readers seem to be able to inform me of

Do we find good news boring? Maybe some people do – and what does that say about us? – The drama, the suffering, the pain! Yes enthralling isn’t it! – Maybe we could do with a bit less of it? Am I absurd to even write that? That we could all do with chilling the fuck out a bit – Because one thing’s for sure, the news doesn’t do an awful lot for our peace of mind, for cultivating our faith in humanity, for bringing in the heavenly realms at this time of great transition – No, it doesn’t do much for that, a bit yes, just enough to avoid looking too one sided, for those who accept more easily this version of reality – But I do smell a wee bit of a rat, a slight whiff of something rotten in the air – something that is old and tired, that has had its time and that is, in my understanding of things, dying

“Bear set to take his case to The European Court” CC image Courtesy of Jenny Downing on Flickr


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