Take it Easy on Yourself

I remember someone asking me what I do, I said I’ve been writing a book about creating a more peaceful unified planet – Her nose turned up almost immediately ‘and you practice daily yoga and meditation? ‘ – ‘No, I don’t’ – and yet this unbelievably freakish thing happens, I still give a shit enough to want to do something

If I think I am only able to do this type of work if I’ve got my leg wrapped around my head every morning, then I’m basically going to be doing nothing – I do a bit of yoga, sometimes – I meditate, usually when I ‘need to’ – I know there is a better way, I know that daily spiritual practice is amazingly beneficial, for everything – but its just not happening, right now – And I’m not going to then say – Oh well, if only I were qualified to do something at this time, to know enough, to be enough that I could effect change – That ever evasive downward dog position that has all of the answers of the universe!!

I think many of us could do with a bit of getting over this image of perfection, the enlightened one, the spiritual practitioner – We have the habit of making it so far fetched, with such a level of devotion, us mere mortals have no way of attaining – so we don’t bother at all

I feel I am open enough, I could be more open true, but why put all of these ‘musts’ in the way of drawing in our 5D selves – I get a huge amount of inspiration and information coming through when I’m in the shower or on the toilet – that doesn’t mean I’m going to hang out in the bog all day long!

We really do need to overcome these ‘blocks of perfection’ if we are to draw in our 5D selves – My ex was a smoker and because of that he did pretty much fuck all about anything – How can I be a healer if I still smoke? – Okay, best sit around scratching your arse all day long then – I still eat meat – there I said it – I do try not to as much as I can, but I live with a carnivorous family and whether I want it or not, it gets placed in front of me every day – I am getting better at overcoming my ‘not wanting to offend’ and of course, my like of eating meat – Yes, I do know what happens to animals in modern day farming, its absolutely awful – and I also know that I am trying my best – as we all are at this time

So lets all go a little easier on ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back for getting this far – Do a ceremonial launching of the yoga matt over the hedge into next doors garden – I’m joking obviously there – But if you find your yoga matt is covered in dust, or even non existent – that there is some ham in your sandwich, or a joint in your hand – then you are just like me – on this journey, together, doing our best – Because its not easy, so lets not make it any harder on ourselves

I have since writing this, finally, managed to stop eating meat – It took a while, but I got there in the end!

 “065/365 Show us your smile” CC image Courtesy of Ben Smith. on Flickr



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