Your power will make you weak, in order to show you your strength

It will say ‘Look! This is all you are capable of, this is your true nature as a powerful creative being’ – So we follow this, into the relatively unknown, only to find ourselves feeling very vulnerable and weak indeed

Moving toward what you truly are is no mean feat – it will purposely take you into the most challenging experiences of your lifetime – You will be tested and you will then see for yourself just how strong you actually are – It cannot simply be handed to us

A part of the process is to have the ego greatly reduced – That much power in the hands of the ego would have disastrous results – So the entire process will destroy, as well as create you – The old you will be cleared, which can be a very painful process – but this is a most necessary part – otherwise the new you cannot enter in – They are of differing harmonics, they cannot exist together within you – One must leave as the other enters in – This can leave us feeling at times very strong and at other times very weak – It can be very confusing and frustrating – It will ask an awful lot from you, and that is the very thing that will systematically also show you your strength

“Light up. Light up.” CC image Courtesy of Christina L. F. on Flickr


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