Why life can be exhausting – and how to live in peace in these challenging times

The lower the dimension the more density, the greater the amount of effort it takes – the more fuel is needed to energise, the more is consumed – This is why someone who has shifted themselves largely into a 5D reality will find The 3D exhausting – They will have tuned themselves into a lighter way of being that involves peaceful, yet powerful ways of manifesting

Through 3D eyes this can look like nothing is happening – We may feel inclined to put our energy into The 3D in order to be accepted – But the fast pace, level of complexity, worry and ownership is just too much for The 5D to keep up with – The best we can do is to not get caught up in it – no matter how slow, lazy, immature, reckless, stupid others may perceive this to be – Our health is paramount, we ensure this by allowing ourselves to be the peaceful creators we know we are

We must try not to compare ourselves with The 3D way of being – this alone will cause a great deal of pain – If you are reading this, chances are you are of The 5D – This is not a statement of superiority, a pretentious label to give ones self – it is a fact – and if you do not take this on you will struggle – If you are not of The 3D, no matter how hard you try, it will absolutely not work for you – A string of failures of trying to ‘do the correct thing’ that is expected of you will only serve to disempower you further

Stepping out of this is the hardest and most rewarding thing we can do – for ourselves and our planet – Even if you did not come from a higher dimension to incarnate on to earth you will be shifting into The 5D none the less – The fact you are reading these words means you are already well on your way – It does not matter where others are, or how successful their lives seem to be – it is not about them it is about you – You are the one who makes this change – and the change is made by moving ourselves away from the traits of The 3D, towards the traits of The 5D

“Tired yet Restless” CC image Courtesy of Colton Witt on Flickr



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