Allowing ourselves to do what we want, when we want

Why is it the above notion automatically raises negativity? – because it goes against our current programming – We have been programmed into spending a very large portion of our lives into doing things we do not wish to do – This is considered the correct thing to do – Doing what we want when we want is rife with negative connotations – How lazy, selfish, unrealistic, stupid – What we are failing to see are the many blessings this way of being bestows, all of us

Going against what feels truly natural for us takes an incredible amount of energy – Work is often passionless and carried out simply for a monetary return – When we work when the desire to work arises within ourselves what we produce is ripe with creativity, inspiring, expansive – We are channeling our passion into it, it is our choice to do so – We are in greater alignment as we are going with our natural flow – Wanting to carryout something is beautiful – being forced to carry out something is abysmal

The title statement also raises negativity in some, because who wants to hear about this level of freedom when feeling trapped – The trap of course is in the mind, but when this is acted out on the physical level it becomes real – We believe we have no other choice – Therefore making a statement of freedom raises resistance towards it – If I can’t have that, then neither can you – We label freedom with all manner of negativity so that is becomes more acceptable to us when we do not have it

The time has come for us to open up from our limited 3D programming by allowing ourselves and others he freedom to move into a new way of being – A way that has faith in those who choose to channel their energy in the way that they choose – and faith in ourselves to do the same

“098 gnuckx b-Roma-Italy-castielli_CC0” CC image Courtesy of Gnuckx Select1 on Flickr


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