Is there any point in trying to bring in more light, does it all balance out again anyway?

I woke up to a dream this morning, an old lady was starting to tell me why it is futile to try and help at this time – but before she could explain, my daughter screamed her head off, so I woke up and missed the old ladies words of wisdom about the art of leaving things be, I’m guessing – Maybe this was Divine intervention of sorts, if I had heard those words it might have given me the opportunity to give up on all of this – as there have been many times I have wished to, whilst knowing that would never actually be possible for me – This force that wants me to do this work is stronger than myself – its happening and that is that

There is a part of me that thinks, can this actually work? Can we bring a higher level way of being to earth? – Can it lighten up to such an extent that the experience for everyone here is remarkably different, from how it has been? – If I never ask myself those questions I would never search for the answers

The movement we make, as we move up through the dimensions of reality, is towards greater level of light – Does that mean we are creating greater levels of dark somewhere else? – Yes, it does – because once we reach the ‘greatest level of light’ ultimate unity, The One, Universal Consciousness, God, whatever you like to call it – we do not stay – we leave – and we do this by moving down through the dimensions, by introducing greater levels of dark – So it does balance out – as we move ‘up’ somewhere else is moving ‘down’ – But that’s terrible, no? – No, it is our choice to make these movements, into both the light and the dark – But why would anyone want to move down the dimensions, into the darkness? – For the experience through contrast…..

When we are at one with everything, there is no contrast – All is pure love and light – But we cannot truly understand what this is if it is not in comparison to that which is not – So we choose to leave here, to enter into the darkness – So that when we move back into the light it is experienced for what it is, it is understood, appreciated – and that is what I believe is happening on earth now

Yes, drawing in the lighter realms does create darker realms elsewhere – and that is how it is meant to be – As one area moves up, another moves down – So we can allow this movement to take place on earth – without fear or guilt, or limiting beliefs – just allow it to be with our understanding this process – and if we feel moved into doing so – help it on its way!

“Light Painting” CC image Courtesy of Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel on Flickr


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