Believing, Vulnerability and Bravery – and the power that these bring us

Believing, although ‘risky’ brings such rewards that it is worth it – There are repercussions to believing, true – We find we have placed our faith into something that turns out to be ‘un-true’ – we follow, only to find we are lied to – we open up only to find we get shot down – So it is very easy to interpret belief as foolishness

I believe in almost everything I see and hear – A friend once pointed out this trait in me as if it were a weakness, that it made me vulnerable – Which is true, believing does make us vulnerable, but this is not a weakness – vulnerability and bravery go hand in hand – Believing may well take us into ‘nothingness’, up the garden path, have us look like fools – But this is small fry when compared to what it also brings – Believing allows us to explore, to go with, un-questioningly, to the very ends – It allows us to evolve, big time – The difficulties arising allowing for tremendous learning to take place – It allows experience, to try it all out first hand, as recommended by whomever we allow to influence us

“Sun of Mankind, Sun of God” CC image Courtesy of Wayne S. Grazio on Flickr


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